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Dont have a modern graphic but it scares me and i really enjoy it

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Moe's Body Shop is a game I did enjoy, however I might be missing something but the threat or feeling of dread is sadly not there. The game has atmosphere but I never encountered Moe while playing heh

If you want to watch me play it, then please do check out my video (timestamp should be in the link, if not I added chapters, though the video is pretty funny :> )

Very good game. The atmosphere was chilling, and the scares were well timed

Although a short game, I really liked it! :)

It could use a lot of improvements but overall it is pretty enjoyable and scary!

This man done suprised my ahh when I turned around! Smh, this is a good game though. Here's my gameplay if you wanna watch

Moe a BIG BOY!

I went through this first try. I really enjoyed it. The music always got me when he was chasing me lol

i like the game :D


This game was realy creepy and idk who was in the studio but that chase scene music went crazy.

Hello! I played this and got to the ending! A lot of people were saying moe was hard but i got through him in one shot? either way this was really good and i enjoyed it! Here's my playthrough if you wanna see!  

Got the PS1 style perfectly down. The atmosphere was fantastic and I loved the monster. Not as scary but still fun! Good job!

good but the monster are stupied good job

HauntedPS1 has a lot of talented people, it is impressive to see the work that comes out on this team. This game is another one of those jobs. Congratulations to the creators.

I don't even know how I missed this game, and it didn't disappoint me, even by playing in my toaster, the only thing that confused me was about the generator, I didn't know it was to pump it but I think it's my fault for not reading :/

this game is short but worth playing its not as short as i thought it was going to be witch is nice and the artstyle and cover are nistalgic so its epic if you want to see my reaction to this game and overall have a good time check out the video i made on this 

and be sure to support this developer so they make more cuz this was really fun to make and dont forget to let me know what you thought of my video in the comments it really helps

We played the game and really like it. It's a nice short horror game and actually scared me. Check out the video to see our reaction. :)

I REALLY Like this, though it is a bit short.

I do think you can shorten the amount of walking you have to do in the beginning (down the road & down the stairs, though the stairs did kinda feel spooky when it was super long)

Otherwise I really like this entire thing :)

Had a blast playing Moe's Body Shop! The guy in overalls is terrifying when he pops up around the corners. Love the ambiance as well. Definitely worth a download if you have the 15 minutes to play it! I look forward to your other titles!

My video on Moe's Body Shop.

Well done! I like it - M1 Mac Gameplay

No Commentary :) 

That was pretty cool

I'm a brazilian guy and the video is in portuguese :)

Thanks for the game xd

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So we played Moe’s Body Shop and Matt screamed like a little girl. Twice. He was kind of embarrassed and it was hilarious. See for yourself and watch the vid below! If you enjoy the vid make sure to leave a like and comment. Make sure to also SUBSCRIBE so you can enjoy more awesome content!

-Made a Video.


Loved it! I love haunted ps1 games, and this one was no exception. The music was wonderful as well:


So far, love the concept of the game! The known bug where the generators turn off once you've been killed makes the game sort of tedious and wish it were fixed! 

Also, Is there a way to get around Moe? Once he starts chasing you its impossible to turn the generators on even if you sprint, if you stop for a second you die.

Keep up the good work!

And one thing i forgot to mention in my previous comment, i LOVED the atmosphere and especially the soundtrack, the music when Moe is chasing you is out of this world, really crazy and catchy ! Thanks for this game sir, hope you enjoy my playthrough as much as i enjoyed your game ! 

Hello everyone  ! I loved this game, thank you for the experience sir ! I enjoyed it a lot and done a complete playthrough of it, please check it out and subscribe to my channel guys ! I appreaciate the support. 

Is Moe Inspired By Moe From The Simpsons?


So Moe was doing the right thing? And the floating thing was bad? Start at 18:49

Whew, that music when freaky Moe intercepts you! Loved it, and the game is pretty decent for being a jam jam. I'm also loving the dialogue format. My suggestion for future games: having Moe work against you would add more of a challenge. For example, not only is Moe chasing you, but he's also deactivating some of the generators.

Great work!

Really enjoyed this game! The running around really sent me on edge, although I did encounter I think a bug with the generators! It can be seen in my video if you'd like to check it out!


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Wow, how many times can you make a girl scream?!

I was literally a mess playing this game, but I had a good time. Loooooooooved the music! Those beats go off. Thank you for this game.

Gameplay plug below:

Oh! I did run into the inactive generator problem, but didn't have the issue when I restarted. Running version 1.1 on MacOS if that helps. Also, just noticing this based on what I see in others, I didn't get the rotating wheel(?) during Abaddon's reveal.

Seriously had a lot of fun playing it wanna try some more of your games

Very weird horror game, would've loved if it had a "proper ending" so to say, but i enjoyed it regardless, Moe's design was very simple, yet still pretty scary looking

Game starts at 16:25 if anyone is interested in my playtrough

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